The startup that makes property renovation a breeze for professionals

Deep tech startup ReNEWate utilizes AR and AI with native language support to aid skill gap and power an innovative digital age for property improvement professionals.

The startup that makes property renovation a breeze for professionals

The Indian contracting and design industry has not been able to stay up with new India utilizing obsolete strategies for the plan, development, and site work measures. It has prompted a disorganized, wasteful, and sloppy area with far worse than the average commitment to the Indian economy. 

An architect and interior designer by profession, Debashree Ghatak was consistently mindful of the difficulties being looked at by contractual workers chipping away at different sites in executing carefully and dealing with their organizations, particularly not long after demonetization

With a dream to address the huge undiscovered land improvement industry and assist experts with digitizing their organizations just to improve sources of income, ReNEWate was implicit in the year 2018.

The spouse wife pair and fellow benefactors of ReNEWate, Supratik Ghatak and Debashree Ghatak carry with them a very long while of involvement with both land and innovation areas, having both public and global involvement with engineering and inside plan, venture the executives, gracefully chain the board, finishing, building development, material choice, classifying and application. 

The contractor digitization application aids all property improvement experts including woodworkers, common temporary workers, painters, inside fashioners, electrical contractual workers, and others to improve how they sell, report, and get paid with the assistance of shrewd devices in the ReNEWate application.

With a group of 20 individuals, the Pune-based startup professes to be the first of its sort in India to manufacture such a stage supporting a large number of redesign contractual workers, property improvement experts, and organizations to deal with their business digitally. 

Temporary workers, creators, and designers spare time, develop their business, and improve income and get a wide scope of advantages that ReNEWate acquires in terms of crude material evaluating just as offers. For this, ReNEWate charges a little level of the conditional sum making a mutually advantageous plan of action. The stage professes to have more than 25,000 clients over the web and portable applications. 

As per reports by PwC/JLL and Global Market Insights, India's property improvement market is upwards of $50 billion yearly. ReNEWate is filling a significant hole in this multi-billion-dollar industry by digitizing contractual workers, creators, and planners with a portable first vernacular-first application that gets a straightforward yet amazing asset their hands to change over solicitations into affirmed extend quicker, oversee them effectively, get data on most recent material patterns and close the circle by tolerating advanced installments and drastically improving their incomes, consequently helping them work more astute. 

In October 2020, the startup raised a pre-seed round of $272,000 (Rs 2 crore) from Better Capital. With this capital, the profound tech startup intends to extend its item contributions, quicken development, and further the advancement of its innovative contributions to rearrange and improve the start to finish work process for property improvement experts. 

The startup has prior gotten an award from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and IIMCIP for being one of the top Smart 50 new companies. ReNEWate was a part of Brigade REAP - Asia's first property tech quickening agent program.