How does this girl get inspired from her pet and start her Brand?

Pawgy is a startup established by Navika Ahuja in 2020 at first on the web-based media stage Instagram. The organisation hopes to give its clients the sort of customisation they require while pampering their pets . Pawgy centers around not only satisfying the comfort of humans but also their four legged babies.

How does this girl get inspired from her pet and start her Brand?

The Beginning

Navika Ahuja is a first year student at Delhi University pursuing economics honours. She graduated from Mayo College Girls School in March 2020. And, that was the time when the Pandemic started taking over the country.  It was August 2020 when she founded Pawgy. Navika says, "The reason behind starting Pawgy is my pet Ollie. I got him in June and later in two months we had Pawgy. Frankly, Ollie is the inspiration behind the whole idea of such a brand. "

Navika was searching for some pet accessories online and she realized she could make them. She shares, "I was always inclined to art and crafts since my school days. So, I started making accessories for Ollie and everyone liked it: my family and friends. They all appreciated me. Soon, I made an Instagram page and to my surprise, people started liking it. Within no time I got my first order and that was a moment for me. I was motivated enough to come up with a wide range of pet accessories.

It has been 6-7 months of Pawgy and the love people are already showing is incredible."

Current Situation and Future

Currently, Pawgy is an Instagram store and it is doing an incredible job. But, Navika is planning to expand Pawgy, not only online but also is open to collaboration in the field. 

On asking Navika her future plans, she shares, "I have not really thought that much but one thing is for sure that I want to see Pawgy expand nationwide. Hopefully, we will grow and establish it."


On asking Navika what keeps her going she says, " There is a spark, a purpose that keeps me motivated to wake up everyday and work. Making small and cute accessories for the pets, packing them with love, dispatching the happiness, this is something that keeps me motivated”

A word of advice

People get demotivated without even starting. Navika is a happy soul and she loves what she has founded. She shares with Startup Times, " Never get upset without trying. If you have an idea or you think, you are good at something then just do it, execute that idea and see how it goes. If I talk about myself, when people review my work, when they post pictures with their happy pets in the Pawgy accessories, I feel immense happiness and satisfaction. It's like receiving the award of your hard work. So, never have regrets. Implement your ideas. You too will be happy to see the results."