These techies quit their IT jobs to start their "Vada Pao" fusion joint.

Jugaad is an 'Indian' thing. Furthermore, as Indians, we have taken a stab at utilizing jugaad in something or the other, practically ordinary.

These techies quit their IT jobs to start their "Vada Pao" fusion joint.

What better food to have a go at enjoying some jugaad than with the Bambaiya vada pav and the famous samosa pav. 

This is actually the rationale applied by the proprietors Akshay Rane and his colleague Dhanashree Gharat. Their source, named as Jugaadi Adda, has quite possibly the keenest renditions of vada pav and samosa pav you should have ever envisioned. What began as one source in Pune in 2017, has now extended to 6 sources in Mumbai. While the source in Pune didn't progress admirably and sadly must be closed down, the ones in Mumbai are doing extraordinary! The couple likewise anticipates growing them in Ahmedabad and different urban areas. 

Jugaadi Adda–Where Variety Is The Spice Of Life 

Around 15-20 assortments of vada pav are accessible at all of their sources. Also, they have some extravagant names too like Godfather Vada Pav, VIP Vada Pav and Machayenge Vada Pav! Sounds pretty fascinating, isn't that so? 

The exemplary Samosa Pav likewise has been tried with different things as well. A portion of their top of the line samosa pavs are Tangy Sunny Samosa Pav and Jantar Mantar Samosa Pav. Nonetheless, the most interesting thing in the Samosa menu is the chocolate Samosa Pav, where the rich and gooey chocolate filling within and the fresh layer of the samosa outwardly are a match made in paradise. 

Aside from scoring admirably in the trial food division, Jugaadi Adda likewise beats out all competitors for being very reasonable. Beginning from a pitiful ₹ 20, the most costly thing on their menu is ₹ 45. Isn't so astonishing? Head onto Jugaadi Adda for some lip-smacking turns on the best thing Mumbai has to bring to the table! 

They have six sources in Mumbai in the accompanying areas: Matunga East, Dadar West, Lower Parel, Worli and Girgaum and Ulhasnagar (Thane).