This startup generated 20lakhs revenue by making chillies thukpa.

The slopes of Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong have quite a lot more to bring to the table past their tea and the travel industry. That is the thing that 30-year-old Snjog Datta—a previous columnist, political expert and local of Kurseong town in Darjeeling region—felt while perusing distinctive online business stages searching for items from home two years prior. However, working in various urban areas, the solitary item from home he could reliably discover on these stages was tea.

This startup generated 20lakhs revenue by making chillies thukpa.

In any case, that is not by any means the only motivation behind why he began Daammee, a private company adventure which sources a wide range of items from bungalow ventures arranged in the slopes of Darjeeling and Siliguri and offers them to clients all over India on their online stage. 

"Not long after the lockdown was declared a year ago, I began getting antennas that house enterprises in the slopes were confronting genuine financial coercion. A few families from the more distant parts had nothing on their plates. I started considering how we could give them a skillet India stage that would permit their merchandise to get to a greater market. We examined this thought for certain makers and makers," says Snjog, addressing The Better India. 

Set up during the COVID-19 pandemic, on 24 May 2020, the Nepali word 'Daammee' means 'the best'. Helping him in this new business is his mom Rachana Dutta, a previous educator. 

For Sanjog, a result of St Xavier's College in Kolkata, beginning a business in the midst of a pandemic had a lot of critical difficulties. 

"Sorting out the coordinations was absolutely the most difficult part, particularly on the grounds that we were obliging customers all over India. Obviously, as a bootstrapped adventure, we didn't have a gigantic spending plan to showcase ourselves. Truly, there were some inventory network issues also and following some client criticism, we arranged the vast majority of them en route," he says. 

All in all, what does Daammee offer clients? 

"We are offering an entire scope of items from the slopes, from food to supplication articles, style and Nepali social wear. The rundown develops each week. Among a wide assortment of food things we offer — Dalle (the renowned round cold), Chinese wiener (lap cheong), gundruk (a matured verdant green vegetable and a well-known food in Nepal), smoked pork, lamb pickle, axone (kinema), chhurpi cheddar (conventional cheddar devoured in the Himalayan area), thukpa and glass noodles. Our most sought after items are meat pickles, Kalimpong Noodles, Titaura (mainstream Nepali bite) and Chhurpi. We source them essentially from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Kurseong yet transport them to various urban communities," he says. 

Their attention lies transcendently on the bungalow enterprises of this area. 

"We get them directly from the maker and carry them to our stockroom where it goes through an exacting quality check. Following this, we pack and boat these items all over India. Aside from the items, our bundling is one of our most valued features. We transport 90% of our things all over India. The chilly cuts we home convey in Kolkata and Siliguri just for the present. Our greatest market is unquestionably the metro urban communities," he guarantees.