Upside AI uses machine learning to invest in the Indian stock market.

Kanika Agarrwal, Atanuu Agarrwal, and his companion Nikhil Hooda accept man-made brainpower (AI) as the new Warren Buffett. This got them to begin Upside AI in December 2017.

Upside AI uses machine learning to invest in the Indian stock market.

Kanika says, "We began Upside AI with the conviction that innovation ought to be at the centre with regards to settling on essential venture choices. This is because we accept innovation will settle on preferable choices over people over the long haul since machines are fair and apathetic chiefs." 

The Mumbai-based startup is a speculation organization that utilizations AI and key investigation to put resources into the Indian financial exchange. 

Ludicrous year, the startup professes to have created 52% returns for its financial backers. 

Financial backers can take care of their benefit and misfortune (P&L) articulation, asset report, and income information into the ML calculation. The calculations instruct themselves to comprehend organizations that are in a general sense great organizations as well as popular stocks. Toward the finish of its examination, it gives a breakdown of what areas just as organizations individuals ought to put resources into. 

The startup has different sides to the business - one is portfolio the board administrations, which oblige HNIs, establishments, and family workplaces in India and internationally. Here, it generally cares for Rs 50 lakh in addition to ticket sizes. The customers offer cash to Upside AI, which purchases shares, handles them, and reports to the customers, however, the group is in charge of the speculations. 

Potential gain AI presently rivals any semblance of online business firm Zerodha and speculation firms like Groww. In any case, the startup centres around bigger workplaces as the size of value interests in India are still little.