VivahSahyog: Revolutionizing Matchmaking with Technology and Affordability

VivahSahyog, led by entrepreneur Akshit Goel, is reshaping Indian matchmaking with affordable, trustworthy solutions. Founded during the pandemic, the platform emphasizes affordability, video chat features, and a unique profile rating system. Akshit's transition from IT professional to entrepreneur highlights the tech-driven approach to reduce divorce rates. VivahSahyog's culture focuses on honesty and efficiency, overcoming obstacles with determination. Unique offerings include upcoming video calling services.

VivahSahyog: Revolutionizing Matchmaking with Technology and Affordability

In the dynamic world of startups, where innovation meets determination, one entrepreneur stands out for his visionary approach to revolutionize matchmaking in India. Meet Akshit Goel, the founder and director of VivahSahyog, a matchmaking startup that has set out to provide affordable and trustworthy matchmaking solutions to the masses. 

A Glimpse into VivahSahyog: 

VivahSahyog, a premium product of Radha Krishna Technology Solutions, was founded by Akshit Goel with the mission to offer premium matchmaking services at a minimal cost. The startup boasts a range of membership plans catering to diverse customer needs, ensuring a fearless matchmaking journey for all. With a team of over 10 employees from different regions across the country, VivahSahyog is gearing up to redefine the landscape of matchmaking in India. 

The Vision Unveiled: 

The tagline "Register Free on VivahSahyog - Aim to provide the most affordable matchmaking. Ab... Matchmaking ka Tension Dur Karo..." encapsulates the essence of VivahSahyog's vision. The platform aims to facilitate easy interaction between potential partners through innovative features like video chat. Additionally, a unique profile rating system is in the works, promising a standout matchmaking experience. 

The Journey from IT Professional to Entrepreneur: 

Akshit Goel, an alumnus of BITS Pilani, with a dual degree in B.E (Hons) EEE and M.Sc (Hons.), brings a wealth of experience from his six-year tenure as a senior and lead software engineer at renowned companies like Wipro, Infosys, Inadev, and Shell Information Services. The idea for VivahSahyog was conceived during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, witnessing the struggles of newly married couples. Akshit decided to leverage technology to provide an AI-based solution, reducing divorce rates and making matchmaking more reliable. 

Company Culture and Expectations: 

VivahSahyog thrives on a culture of honesty and hard work. The company expects its employees to give their utmost dedication, following the training provided to them. The goal is to continually improve efficiency through the application of technology, delivering a reliable and trusted solution to the public. 

Overcoming Obstacles: 

Like any entrepreneur, Akshit faced obstacles, including financial constraints, peer pressure, and personal doubts. However, his determination and the support of his parents fueled his motivation to pursue his dream of creating a tech-driven matchmaking solution. 

A Visionary at Heart: 

Describing himself in one word as "Visionary," Akshit's motivation stems from a desire to serve the younger generation, fostering happy and lasting relationships through the VivahSahyog matchmaking app. 

Innovative Projects and Unique Offerings: 

VivahSahyog's commitment to innovation is reflected in its upcoming premium services, including video calling, a unique feature not commonly found in other matchmaking apps. The company's services stand out for being both affordable and trust-based, catering to the diverse needs of the Indian market. 

Connect with VivahSahyog: 

For those ready to embark on a journey to find their life partners, VivahSahyog welcomes you to explore its services. Visit VivahSahyog's website or connect on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest offerings and innovations. 

In conclusion, VivahSahyog is not just a matchmaking platform; it is a testament to one entrepreneur's vision to bring positive change to the lives of countless individuals. As the startup gears up for its official launch, the story of VivahSahyog is one of inspiration, determination, and the transformative power of technology in the realm of relationships.