Struggling with What to Eat- Meet our wide range of healthy recipes on CooQ App

CooQ has 1800 + recipes on its page. It helps in weekly meal planning for interested people according to their demands based on AI. It has a choice, where an individual can customise their eating routine and meals with the assistance of different dieticians and nutritionists

Struggling with What to Eat- Meet our wide range of healthy recipes on CooQ App

Namrata, Sakshi and Taher have made a revolution by designing an app that answers everyone’s common question – What to cook in a hurry, that is tasty, different and healthy?

Sakshi wasn’t a foodie since childhood, never attempted cooking till she pursued CA. She started cooking and baking post qualification once she took up a consulting job. She realised that cooking made her feel happy. She hunted different restaurants, cuisines and discovered that she has fallen in love with the word “food”.

Namrata was always inclined toward commerce and accounts academically. She was passionate and always wanted to step into the food industry. After she got married, her limits went beyond cooking. Her husband is a foodie and cooks delicious food. Namrata has always been a healthy child; she always struggled to lose weight and eat healthy well-balanced food.

Taher had spent all his childhood in a small-town and his hobby was to explore surroundings and come across various day-to-day life problems. His family business is trading but he was always inclined towards solving basic problems of society and making things easier for everyone. This driving force motivated him to pursue engineering to have technological knowledge which will be helpful for the betterment of society.

Inception of CooQ

2021 was the year when we all discovered chefs inside us and every day three times a day cooking a variety of meals was a difficult task, since there was complete lockdown outside and the only option was to eat homemade food. That was the time for the inception of a new start-up – CooQ. The app is a solution to your everyday hassle for the same question “What to cook or what to eat?” Founders of CooQ think that they are still on their path to discovering the optimal solution.

They started their survey in January 2021, by circulating questionnaires to family, friends, and acquaintances, speaking to people about the idea, and building a team to work on solving this problem. In July 2021, they launched their app on the basis of their survey. And they discovered CooQ- A bank for delicious recipes.


The primary question is “What to Eat?” When your stomach is empty and nothing comes to mind about cooking. Surfing the internet and in the hunt of trying something new, increases the confusion than solving it. On the internet, we lack a reliable place to get ideas for tasty, healthy and something different.

About the partners

CooQ is the invention of three persons – Namrata, Sakshi and Taher. Namrata and Sakshi became friends while pursuing CA. They were searching for someone, who can help them in their product development; at that time through a common friend, they met Taher. Everyday dal, roti, rice and vegetables was becoming a boring routine for Sakshi, she wanted to try something new that can be easily made at home. Namrata wanted to pursue her career in the health food industry, hence she connected with various dieticians, nutritionists and fitness experts who motivated her a lot.

Taher designed the app assuring that it will be user-friendly as well as powered by the tech at every layer. Planning for the meal is more confusing and difficult than cooking the planned dish.

“Khane main Kya Banana hai?” was one question that revolved in every family all three times during lockdown. This question gave them thought to find a solution to the above question in a healthy and inexpensive way for everyone. They invited diverse recipe creators whose procedures can be easily followed by others.

Interesting fact about CooQ

Through their journey, they understood that not just the end clients require good food plans but the nutritionists and dieticians find it challenging to adapt their business in this technological era.

The recipe creators are presently making plans barely out of energy however they have entrusted us with this obligation to transform their enthusiasm into a profession they can cheerfully seek after and furthermore empower them to adapt their substance.

Then again, with everything being digitised, the wellbeing tech area could never have been neglected. The dieticians running their own businesses/ clinics need a platform wherein they can deal with their customer base easily and share meal ideas globally.

Sustaining the two networks that the team is working with, nutritionists/ dieticians and content creators, in their excursion and empowering them to accomplish their objectives is something that they anticipate. CooQ is helping every person to have an interesting meal, full of health benefits and complete nutrition.

About the App and Website

CooQ has 1800 + recipes on its page. It helps in weekly meal planning for interested people according to their demands based on AI. It has a choice, where an individual can customise their eating routine and meals with the assistance of different dieticians and nutritionists. It additionally helps as a stage for the dieticians, with the goal that they can digitise their business and their method of activity.

Services Provided

The application caters to clients who are looking for basic and fascinating plans that can be bookmarked as top pick and untouched formula for the food recipe finder. Their application gives auto-created meal plans by responding to certain important inquiries of their inclination. CooQ application assists users in their meal plans. These makers help them by giving a few altered plans as well. In this manner, the recipe provider is likewise ready to adapt and digitise their content. The board of health experts additionally assists clients with planning diet charts for weight loss or other medical problems. The recipes are readily available on the app.


One of the primary worries of the team is to build the strength of both the networks - of recipe creators and dieticians and make a total cycle wherein client/s can undoubtedly design their meals with practically no problems, be multilingual, request food, track nourishment for everyone in the family, keeping in mind the health benefits, robotize and improving the most common way of eating outside and add a lot more such elements to make it more intuitive. Basically, this app would like to be the end-to-end solution for all the food and meal planning requirements.

Advice to readers

Everyone is working hard for good food, shelter and clothes. But the app offers to provide nutrition needs. It makes the question “What to eat?” an enjoyable and healthy experience rather than a stressful concern. Healthy and balanced diets are a major concern of the app.