BENDITAA – Instilling Positive Thoughts in Children through Fashion

At Benditta, they are of the opinion that children learn while they see, hear and wear. As a consequence, they tend to put belief into practice through these motivational prints and meaningful designs.

BENDITAA – Instilling Positive Thoughts in Children through Fashion

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”

Children always follow what they see and experience. If the positivity is instilled in their thoughts since their beginning years of life, for sure, their whole life will be moulded with optimism. Keeping this concept in mind “BENDITAA – a home grown Indian Clothing brand” was created to motivate the kids with silver lining. Children remember only those things which they visualize on a daily basis. They need to see, hear and wear better messages to be better humans for a kinder tomorrow. Hence, they imprint messages which inspire and motivate budding minds with positive thoughts so that they are nourished with alacrity.

At present, Benditaa’s products include cotton T-shirts as well as sweatshirts for 0-13 years of kids. Apart from these they have bodysuits for infants & mugs for kids. They also tend to formulate novel and updated versions of fairy tales on their attire. They promote self reliance and independence for girls via their designs like- “Be your own hero” , “Achieve anything- Girl power”.  Their supreme motto is women empowerment.

“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful woman who has her back.”

Moreover, sister hood is too taken into account via designs- “Real Queens fix each other’s crown.” They celebrate ingenuity and intelligence in girls and kindness in boys. “It all starts with a dream”, “Believe in your dreams”, “Dream it, wish it, do it.” – are some exemplar quotes which are printed on garments.

As we all are aware that sports is extremely important for one’s fitness, therefore, they recommend depiction of sports through slogans viz. – “When your legs get tired, run with your heart.”, “What is life without goals.”

At Benditta, they are of the opinion that children learn while they see, hear and wear. As a consequence, they tend to put belief into practice through these motivational prints and meaningful designs.

It is aptly quoted that- Beautiful things happen when you distance from negativity. This is what Benditaa is trying to fit in. When our thoughts are modified, our words and actions will modify simultaneously.

Richa Thakker Desai – the founder of Benditaa is a law graduate from Mumbai University. She worked with a reputed firm Wadia Ghandy and Co. in Mumbai as a Principal Associate. Her mentor & Managing Partner Mr. Ashish Ahuja is one of the top lawyers in the country. She has immense experience in corporate law, mergers, acquisitions and insurance firms. Presently, she is a mother of two cute kids and an entrepreneur. She has been donning multiple hats at a time which is commendable.

Benditaa was born after Richa gave birth to a girl child. Her thought process got diverted and she visioned to create apparels which ha motivational thoughts imprinted. Benditaa was launched when Richa’s baby was 6 months old. Her belief is that  moms bear marvelous and magnificent management skills as they are multitasking.  She also believes that maternity break is a period which itself is a course of management.

Benditaa Clothing was launched in April 2022 and the idea behind this vision is to instigate positive thinking in kids. 

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”- challenges are those thorny paths without crossing them no one can reach the destination successfully. Searching well talented and focused people for a start-up is the biggest issue one has to face. The heart of any organization is its team of associates. At Benditaa, they own highly skilled and workaholic members which can take the firm to heights. Moreover, calm ambience and helping colleagues are important too.

Taking one step at a time is the mantra of Richa to overcome hurdles and difficulties.

The aim of Benditaa Clothing is to capture the entire world with inspirational messages and positivity through apparels. In addition to this, affordable costing is also taken into account. The customers will only be attracted if we look and take care of their pockets as well. The competitive advantage of this couture is that it is the country’s first and foremost brand of kidswear with beneficial messages. Benditaa is India’s first motivational kidswear. It is a Homegrown Indian Brand with pure cotton fabric used to create the apparel.

Richa is of the view that to boost start-ups in India, our government must make provisions to create awareness amongst the citizens of their respective products.

To the upcoming start-ups Richa says – “If you can dream it, you can do it. Know the way or find a way.” A dream becomes a goal, when action is taken towards its achievement. Never give into the obstacles that lie in your path towards the achievement of your dreams. 


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