Earthcare: An initiative to move forward together.

EarthCare, a locally-run, enterprise works to support the village community through initiatives in crafts, natural products and small businesses.

Earthcare: An initiative to move forward together.

It is sad to see that our mother earth on which we survive is in danger and very few people are taking a stand for the cause. The fact is that everyone has the realization but not all take the action. Pollution is one of the major causes. Protecting the planet starts with us and if we want, we can bring an unseen change.

Today, we bring you the story of such a startup, EarthCare which was established for the noble cause of protecting our mother earth by promoting organic, natural, and handmade products and at the same time, providing employment to the local villagers, especially women.  

The beginning

Every startup has its own beginning story, is not it? So, has ‘Earthcare’. The story of EarthCare happened in Poochackal, a sleepy village near Alappuzha, Kerala.

EarthCare was formed seeing a need for support for the local village community. The startup is dedicated to bringing natural, chemical free handcrafted products to the world. Not only this, they are helping the local people by employing them. The structure works in such a way that everyone is benefitted from the platform.

The primary beneficiaries of the project through direct or indirect employment are women since they are the pillar of the household.  

EarthCare is working dedicatedly to bring a change by promoting women’s employment.

About the startup

EarthCare, a locally-run, enterprise works to support the village community through initiatives in crafts, natural products and small businesses.

The Founders Seema Soby Kurian & Soby Jose Kurian, are passionate about the heritage they have, the village they live in, the cause they support, the nature they inhabit, and the things they do.

It is all in your will. If you are willing to do something and put one foot forward in that direction, you automatically reach the destination.

EarthCare was established with a motive and since that day it has not looked back. the startup is constantly working for the noble cause and is willing to provide more and more employment to the locals in need.

With time, Indian culture and heritage have come at stake. The startup, EarthCare is working hard to protect our heritage and culture. It is great seeing an initiative like this that not only works for the good but also inspires many people out there to take a stand.

As part of the organization’s social commitment, EarthCare has decided to support the needy children with a new and novel venture. Empowering the children with education is the best way to have a bright future for them as well as for the village. 

EarthCare has launched a Book Bank - "Grama Book Bank" to support our village gems. The book bank will provide them with Notebooks and pencils. To begin with, we will support each child with One note book & One pencil.

The book bank works from Grama Center

- Note Books & Pencils are kept in an easily accessible place.

- Anyone can walk in and pick One Note book & One pencil per child. 


When you have the motivation to keep going, you can do wonders in your job. We asked the founders of EarthCare about their motivation to go forward to which they said, “We work to bring a change in the community we live. We are constantly working, personally and professionally to leave a mark on earth. This cause motivates us the most. We want to create a better living lifestyle, create sustainable livelihood, promote village-crafted products, and empower the local communities. This vision keeps us motivated to move forward and bring the best of us”

Advice for the readers

We asked the founders of EarthCare to give their valuable advice to our readers- “we live on earth and it is our responsibility to protect it. Little changes in your lifestyle can bring major change to the world. Also, we should preserve our heritage and culture, or soon it would be only heard in the stories.”