Empowering Souls The Journey of Shweta Velkar and SoulWaters Spirituality

Shweta Velkar, founder of SoulWaters Spirituality, empowers individuals through spiritual services and products. Transitioning from finance to spirituality, she embodies resilience and unwavering faith, overcoming doubts to create transformative offerings like The Shiva Oracle Cards. With a vision for global impact, she pioneers new endeavors while remaining dedicated to her mission of awakening and empowerment.

Empowering Souls The Journey of Shweta Velkar and SoulWaters Spirituality

Introduction: Navigating the Spiritual Realm

Shweta Velkar, also known as AARYA, is the visionary behind SoulWaters Spirituality, a sanctuary aimed 
at facilitating divine connections and inner transformation. Rooted in Mumbai, India, SoulWaters serves 
as a conduit for self-awareness, healing, and empowerment through various spiritual modalities.

A Bridge to the Divine: SoulWaters Spirituality 
SoulWaters Spirituality acts as a beacon for those seeking heightened consciousness and spiritual 
growth. Offering an array of services including Channeling, Intuitive Readings, Oracle Readings, 
Mediumship, and Chakra Healing, Shweta's practice provides individuals with tools for holistic wellbeing and alignment with their higher selves.

Crafting Spiritual Offerings: A Unique Approach
At the heart of SoulWaters lies a commitment to spreading awareness and empowerment. Shweta's 
spiritual products, such as The Shiva Oracle Cards and Messages from your Guardian Angels Oracle 
Cards, offer tangible resources for individuals on their spiritual journey, infusing daily life with divine 
guidance and inspiration.

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Shweta's Evolution
Shweta's path to spiritual entrepreneurship was forged through personal healing and self-realization. 
Transitioning from a corporate career in finance to embracing her innate gifts as a healer and intuitive, 
she embarked on a mission to illuminate the lives of others, one soul at a time.

After over a decade in the corporate world, Shweta embarked on an extensive journey of self-discovery, 
leading to profound revelations about her spiritual gifts and purpose. Despite initial doubts and 
uncertainties, she followed her inner guidance and took a leap of faith to establish SoulWaters 
Spirituality in January 2016. What began as a humble Facebook page sharing divine guidance messages 
has blossomed into a sacred space offering transformative healing and empowerment.

Singular Dedication: Shweta's Mission
As a solopreneur, Shweta embodies unwavering dedication to her mission of awakening and 
empowerment. With a vision to expand her reach globally, she aspires to touch the lives of countless 
individuals, offering them solace, guidance, and the tools for profound transformation.
With a background in finance and an MBA qualification, Shweta's transition into the realm of alternative 
healing was marked by a deep sense of purpose and a profound calling to serve humanity. Guided by 
her unwavering faith and a profound connection to the divine, she channels her energies towards 
empowering others to lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

The Power Within: Shweta's Greatest Assets
Shweta's greatest assets are not only her formidable spiritual gifts but also her unwavering faith in 
herself and the divine. Grounded in resilience and guided by her inner wisdom, she navigates challenges 
with grace, emerging stronger and more steadfast in her purpose.
Armed with a diverse skill set including Angel Card Reading, Medical intuition, and Mediumship, Shweta 
harnesses the power of intuition and divine guidance to facilitate deep healing and transformation. Her 
innate ability to connect with clients on a soul level and offer personalized support sets her apart as a 
beacon of light in the spiritual community.

Overcoming Doubt: Navigating Obstacles
Shweta's journey has not been without its hurdles, with self-doubt and skepticism posing significant 
challenges. However, her unwavering belief in her calling and the transformative impact of her work has 
propelled her forward, defying all odds.
Despite facing skepticism from some quarters, Shweta remained steadfast in her belief in her abilities 
and her mission. Overcoming self-doubt and external resistance, she forged ahead with unwavering 
determination, trusting in the divine guidance that has guided her every step of the way.

A Beacon of Light: Finding Purpose
For Shweta, Mondays herald not just the start of a new week but an opportunity to embrace her passion 
and purpose. With the freedom to chart her own course and the privilege of doing what she loves, each 
day holds the promise of profound fulfillment and meaningful connection.
Embracing her role as a catalyst for transformation, Shweta finds purpose and direction in her ability to 
touch the lives of others. Fuelled by a deep sense of gratitude and a profound connection to the divine, 
she approaches each day with unwavering enthusiasm and a steadfast commitment to serving 

Innovative Endeavors: The Shiva Oracle Cards
Among Shweta's innovative projects, The Shiva Oracle Cards stand out as a testament to her visionary 
spirit. As the pioneer of this unique offering in the global market, she continues to push boundaries and 
expand the horizons of spiritual exploration.
The creation of The Shiva Oracle Cards was a labor of love, born out of Shweta's deep reverence for the 
divine and her desire to share ancient wisdom with a modern audience. Drawing upon her own spiritual 
insights and guidance, she collaborated with a friend in the UK to bring this transformative tool to life.

Pioneering Spirit: Future Endeavors
Looking ahead, Shweta envisions further expansion of SoulWaters' offerings, with new metaphysical 
workshops and spiritual products on the horizon. With each endeavor, she remains steadfast in her 
commitment to serving humanity and facilitating collective awakening.

With a heart full of hope and a spirit of innovation, Shweta embraces the future with optimism and 
enthusiasm. As she continues to explore new avenues for growth and expansion, her unwavering 
dedication to her mission remains the guiding force behind SoulWaters Spirituality.

A Call to Awakening: Joining the Journey
In a world fraught with uncertainty, SoulWaters Spirituality stands as a sanctuary of hope and 
transformation. Guided by Shweta's unwavering vision and boundless compassion, it beckons all seekers 
to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and divine connection.

With open hearts and minds, may all who encounter SoulWaters find solace, healing, and the profound 
wisdom needed to navigate life's journey with grace and purpose.

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