FOBET's Visionary CEO, Riya Upreti: Revolutionizing Psychology Education and Global Access to Knowledge

FOBET's Visionary CEO, Riya Upreti: Revolutionizing Psychology Education and Global Access to Knowledge

Interview with Riya Upreti, CEO and Founder of FOBET: Revolutionizing Education in Psychology

Riya Upreti, the visionary leader steering the helm as CEO and Founder of FOBET, The Psychology School, is on a mission to reshape the landscape of education. Her dedication to democratizing access to quality education, particularly in the realm of psychology, has positioned her as a trailblazer in the industry.

Upreti's unyielding belief in the transformative power of knowledge has propelled her to dismantle barriers that hinder educational access. Her journey in this field is a testament to her innovation and commitment.

FOBET's Origin and Mission

FOBET emerged during the challenging backdrop of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessing a surge in the demand for psychology-related information and assistance, Upreti recognized the profound impact of mental health challenges. This realization inspired the establishment of FOBET, a platform designed to offer easy access to psychology and related subjects.

Upreti's mission with FOBET is clear: to make psychological knowledge accessible to everyone, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of their mental well-being.

Democratizing Education Globally

Acknowledging the global issue of education accessibility, FOBET adopts a unique approach. Unlike conventional ed-tech platforms with one-time paid courses, FOBET prioritizes continuous support for its students. In the field of psychology, students are empowered to become therapists, addressing issues like depression and anxiety.

Continuous evaluation and feedback are integral to FOBET's approach. Regular tests, daily evaluations, and weekly progress reports allow students to track their advancement, fostering an environment of constant growth and support. Through these principles, FOBET aims to democratize access to quality education, making it inclusive and supportive for all.

Leveraging Technology for Engaging Learning

FOBET employs innovative tools and methods to enhance the learning experience. Utilizing AI-powered platforms like "ManyChat" and WhatsApp API's "Wati," FOBET automates interactions and assesses student progress. This data-driven approach tailors educational content and support to individual needs, ensuring effectiveness and engagement.

Customized learning modules, real-time feedback mechanisms, and interactive content further contribute to FOBET's commitment to innovation, keeping users motivated throughout their educational journey.

Ed-Tech Influencers and Inclusivity

Upreti believes ed-tech influencers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between technology and educators. By identifying technologies that promote inclusivity, facilitating direct engagement, and organizing events on inclusivity challenges, influencers contribute to creating an inclusive educational environment.

Advice for Positive Impact in Education

Upreti emphasizes the importance of expertise, professionalism, and continuous learning in the education sector. Qualified professionals should lead education, ensuring accurate information is delivered, especially in critical areas like mental health. Staying updated with the latest research, methodologies, and technologies is essential for making a positive impact.

Collaboration and community involvement are key to amplifying impact. Building partnerships with experts, educators, and organizations can promote positive change in the education sector.

Riya Upreti's Enduring Legacy

Riya Upreti's role as the CEO and Founder of FOBET transcends conventional leadership. Her groundbreaking platform has redefined access to knowledge, providing a gateway to psychology and related subjects. Upreti's legacy shines as a beacon of hope for those seeking quality education, a testament to the transformative power of accessible learning. As we look to the future, her tireless efforts will continue to inspire and pave the way for intellectual journeys worldwide.