Food Capsule- A one stop solution for your nutritional needs

Founded by Lisa Johnson, Food Capsule is an online Nutrition Counselling platform that provides its clients with customized, affordable, and tailor-made nutrition plans according to their requirements, and helps them connect with themselves through food and exercise.

Food Capsule- A one stop solution for your nutritional needs

About the founder and CEO

The 27-year-old entrepreneur Lisa Johnson, is a Qualified Dietitian, Nutrition Coach and Health Coach. With her unique combination of holistic and clinical experience, Lisa has been providing nutritional counselling for more than four years now.

With a Master’s degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics from the College of Home Science, and an Advanced Diploma in Food Science & Quality Control and Food Microbiology, she has helped her clients with meal planning, weight concerns, eating disorders, digestive issues, sports nutrition, medical conditions, and to make positive lifelong eating and exercise behavioural changes.


How was the idea born?

Having a dietitian or a nutritionist is considered a lifestyle privilege by many, ignoring the fact that it is a very crucial part of every individual’s health, be it upper and middle class or adults and children. Lisa even advocates investing in early childhood nutrition as a sure-fire strategy, which would have incredible returns in the future.

In the course of her work, she experienced an ignorant attitude of people towards having a dietitian. In her previous companies where she worked, she came across a lot of people, who were actually in need of nutritional support, but because of the unaffordability of the expensive nutrition plans, they used to walk away.

“I wanted to bring a healthy change into people’s lifestyle by creating a company that not only mirrored the values of mindful, sustainable, and balanced eating but also made sure that it was easy, accessible, and affordable in order to reach out to the maximum and help people in need across all income groups,” she added.

That is how Food Capsule was born.



The approach towards making clean eating the norm isn’t the sole objective of Food Capsule. They believe in nutrition beyond nutrients and are proactively working towards spreading awareness about better health, educating people about nutrition and food.

Lisa believes that the knowledge of eating right, finding a balance and working out is the vision and the core foundation principle followed at Food Capsule. 

“Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, put them together and you've got a Kingdom” - Jack Lalanne

Keeping this in mind, Lisa is working seamlessly to guide others in their journey towards building the Magical Kingdom.