A dog who was thrown from a certain height and many like him survived because of this 17-year-old boy

Pranav Grover, a resident of New Delhi, has been saving lives of dogs since the age of 15 and takes in abandoned and injured canines in his home.

A dog who was thrown from a certain height and many like him survived because of this 17-year-old boy

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They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but do we treat them with the care and respect that a loyal friend deserves? Care beyond that for pets at home and looking out for wounded and injured stray dogs on the road. For Pranav Grover, a resident of New Delhi, caring for dogs has been a natural part of his day for over 1 and a half years now. The 17-year-old has saved more than a hundred dogs till date and also brings injured dogs at his home.

An animal lover from when he was a little boy, many animal tragedies opened his eyes to the widespread apathy for animal safety around him. He vowed to do something about it that day. Since then, he has been taking injured dogs to doctor for treatment, fostering them, sharing his place with them and promoting animal adoption. He told Startup times," I see many dogs get injured in road accidents because people usually think that the dog will move aside if he will see the car coming and keeping this in mind, they don’t slow down their speed. Or sometimes they just kill puppies because they think that the population of puppies is increasing, and they spread Rabies. It really scares me.”

Stella, a pregnant bitch, came into his society and when he saw her in that condition, he decided to do something for her. He fed her and gave her this name, Stella, and she was such a quick learner that she learned that name within a few days. She became his favourite pick-me-up for a quick round of cuddles and a gush of playful energy, and after 5 days she gave birth to eight puppies in his society. So, this is like a stigma that whenever a bitch gives birth to any puppy most of the people oppose because the bitch gets very possessive about her kids like every other mother and so his society members started questioning his decision because no one is an animal lover there except the other two children including him.

Another creep man in his society proudly used to say that he has killed 20 dogs and 21st dog was his own puppy.

Is this the end you would prefer for the stories of these wonderful creatures?

A second chance

Initially, he didn’t know adoptions, fostering or rescuing but when he got those puppies in his hands was the time, he came to know that even street dogs can be adopted. So that’s when he started this page, Paw Family7 on 25th February, so that maybe someone will genuinely come and adopt them. Currently, he has a team of 4 people; Pallavi Rawat for content writing and photography, Arkin Kansra for management and Mani Karan & Aarushi Kaushik for collaborating volunteers.

After a while, out of the eight puppies of Stella, 2 died because of high fever, 2 are still with him and 1 died in a car accident. So, the one who died in the car accident was tried to be killed by the members of the society because the narrow-minded people thought that if one puppy would die, then the bitch would take all her to somewhere else to a safer place. He was one and a half-month-old when they threw the puppy from a certain height because of which he got his hand fractured. Pranav then kept him in his home because he could have died on the road in that condition and after one month, he got his plasters removed. The very next day after one month when he went on the road, he died because of the same reason that people think that puppies will get side if they see a car coming. And that’s how Paw Family7 started.

 He filed a case against that psychopath who killed 20 dogs and with god’s grace, he even saved the 21st dog.

Paw Family7 takes not only care of animals, but it also helps poor and labor class people. Recently on 7th November, they conducted a donation drive where they distributed almost 100-150 blankets to daily wage workers and to the people who live on roads and covered almost 100+ dogs with dog coats. They think that if we will cover their one expense, then these people can invest this money somewhere else. So, Paw Family7 is for everyone.


The ‘people’

Instead of supporting Pranav, people tell him many mean things like this is not what his career is. He should do something else. Or what if they bite him? People in his society sprayed pepper spray where Stella used to sit, so she gets rashes and will move to somewhere else. They started picking up silly fights with Pranav that wherever dogs will poop in society, it would be his responsibility to clean it which is very illogical because he can’t monitor every dog 24*7 to see where they are roaming in the area and where they are pooping so he started keeping them in his house at night too.

He has faced multifold challenges during this journey earlier when they used to take donations people used to think that they’re taking donations in the name of dogs and will do something else with the money. People, he says, are notoriously stingy, mainly because of trust issues. “We try to maintain transparency in our dealings, and that is our biggest asset,” he said. So, Pranav came up with the idea that he started this drive where they don’t take donations but ask people to directly buy them dog products like a leash, dog food, dog coats, etc.

Sometimes even veterinary doctors think that he’s just a kid and would tell him anything about the bill, and he won’t understand. However, now after these many years, he himself takes care of the dogs if it is something basic.

Pranav says that yes, he has many enemies at this age but more than enemies he has friends and supporters and that’s what keeps him going. He said that people don’t need sympathy; they need empathy.

Animals have as much right to live as human beings. They deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation. They cannot speak for themselves, and for that reason, we need to protect them. It should be something that we should take pride in and take responsibility. 

Most of the dogs live in a miserable condition and don’t even die a natural death. The condition of these stray animals is devastating. They are so common, many of us barely stop to give them a second thought, rather than a second look. However, if we could take out a few minutes from our busy schedules, we could do so much for them because these innocent souls have taught us to love unconditionally, and that life is beautiful when you share and care.

They accompany us wherever we go. They are like free bodyguards and companions when walking alone. For them, every single day is about survival. They are ill-treated, shooed away and beaten up. 

Moreover, all they need at the end of the day is a WARM HUG! 

Let’s make this world a better place to live in. 


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