How a homemaker turned into an entrepreneur while sitting at home.

In the event that we are available to tuning in, there are stories around us. All we require is an eye that sees past the surface, ears that can hear what isn't being told and a heart that is loaded up with sympathy. Also, who is better than a mother to do this fine occupation of understanding uncertain people and drawing out their accounts.

How a homemaker turned into an entrepreneur while sitting at home.

Nidhi Behl Vats is a self-admitted rule-breaker who surrendered her calling as a Hospital Administrator to be a homemaker and afterward restarted her excursion as a creator and finally, started her journey to being a Digital Entrepreneur, Nidhi Behl Vats loves to advance every day. 

Through her computerized narrating stage, "Story of Souls," she centers around stories from the average citizens. Infact, her stories have reached, the UN.

The Journey "Story Of Souls." 

This association is doing sensational in the advanced world under three principle heads individual marking, online media and corporate PR. 

"We began as a reason for the everyday person, to highlight their battle stories which are unheard even to their nearby friend gatherings or family circles. It has to do with mental mending and supporter #donotjudgeme dependent on your insights or encounters. Under this we have included a few change creators stories, first woman in land, first woman utilizing jackass milk for excellence items, mother making scrumptious without milk frozen yogurt, drummer made his side interest as a business of recuperating through music, a corporate pioneer utilizing sound shower for mending, Spirituality in the corporate world and 1000's of unheard entrancing stories we have highlighted. 


Difficulties are the steppingstones for me, and I made them a stepping stool towards my prosperity. I have been decided by the individuals for WFH from most recent 10 years as "Amateurish", I am a mother of two. I have my distant group of consultants who involves an extraordinarily tested young lady, two home creator mothers and a performing various tasks female. We as a whole are driven with enthusiasm. Off the beat we have school assistants as well! 

I decide to react to such difficulties and decisions through my work. Consequently, I simply grin away and maintain my attention on my work and don't let those reactions or the judgment have an effect on me. Our contemplations have power we should maintain our emphasis on efficiency and personal development. 

The Process

We attempt to be straightforward and supportive. Instead of looking our customers' as cash suppliers, we construct relationship with them and offer them the fair guidance. Which may mean losing an arrangement yet the trust assembled will remain always and has gotten more work and reference over the long haul. 

What is that one viewpoint or feeling that drives you at work or keeps you inspired? 

We have a few 

Keep humankind alive 

Help as much as possible 

We are attempting to get a change the work and have a few aphorisms on our rundown to cover. 

Our inbox makes them move story every day as we open. It motivates us to continue to continue endlessly. 

As a business chief, what is your assessment on the current scene of business given that the pandemic has been unfavorably influencing each industry? 

I would decide to guidance as opposed to offering my input: 

Have persistence 

Work on your standing and PR building 

Help as much as possible 

Be thankful that you are drifting and relaxing. 

Use time to organize. 

Accumulate every one of your assets and strength and pull hard. Sun is drawing nearer soon. 

Online Media and its capability

The aim is to publish those stories and thoughts, digitally, which can leave a positive impact on the community at large. It can be anything from anywhere around the globe. Your experience, turmoil, social issues, science, fiction, the latest upcoming, corporate stories, thoughts, depressing moments, inspirational articles, dark moments, single dad struggles, single mothers experiences, acid attack survivors, lesbians stories, corporate stories, and even more, we accept all. Our writers will make people understand your feelings through words and handcrafted stories.

We are a computerized media stage; one story whenever done appropriately can go moving all over the world that is the intensity of online media. It is the obligation of the all the online media content makers to make the great and moral substance for the netizen. 

Each business is distinctive it is imperative that you have your online media presence. Yet, see how to situate it. Do explore while substance will work for you. Try not to mirror be genuine, inventive and legit which conveying via online media. Designs and pictures assume a crucial job work on these three things. You will definitely rise! 

What are your future destinations and where do you see yourself in not so distant future? 

We couldn't imagine anything better than to zero in on extending our range, by having great and legitimate customers to work for. Let our great work represent us and we will be more grounded than yesterday as each drop checks!