IISc-incubated startup L2MRail, SID, IISc sign MoU with Kerala Rail

Thiruvananthapuram: The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, IISc-incubated startup L2MRail, and therefore the Society for Innovation Associate in Nursingd Development (SID) have signed an MoU with Kerala Rail geared toward enhancing rail safety, particularly in vulnerable terrains.

IISc-incubated startup L2MRail, SID, IISc sign MoU with Kerala Rail

The L2M Rail team and IISc have pioneered Fibre Bragg Grating sensing technology, to develop a Structural Health observance System (SHMS) which can monitor engineering science structures of Kerala Rail's Silverline project, per a press release. 

The MoUs were changed between the MD of Kerala Rail V Ajith Kumar and IISc Registrar Capt. Sridhar Warrier, within the presence of Govindan Rangarajan, director, IISc and B Gurumoorthy, chief govt of SID, IISc in Bengaluru on Thursday, it said. 

The partnership addresses the necessity for correct, period of time information concerning the condition of all rail structures. The team uses FBG-sensor technology to make sure the soundness and integrity of structures even in vulnerable areas, that comprise an oversized part of the piece of ground lined by the bold Silverline project, it said. 

Ensuring rail safety in settlement-prone locations, flood-prone areas, earth slip locations, weak soil, and serious downfall areas, etc, necessitates a shift from standard manual scrutiny. 

Constant, technology-driven observance of each running train and rail structure offers the perfect answer, the statement aforesaid, adding that through this partnership, the Kerala Rail Development Corporation aims to make sure the protection of trains on this 530 kilometers, the double-track stretch between Thiruvananthapuram and Kasargod. 

Concerning the partnership, Sreenivasa Rao Ganapati, cofounder, L2M Rail, and ex-IRSSE officer, aforesaid there's a spot between the important would like for rail safety, and therefore the lack of systems that perpetually monitor each train and railway structures in the period of time. 

"Structural defects are usually known only Associate in Nursing accident happens, and preventative identification of weak links might have helped avoid mass casualties, just like the recent North American country railway rail structure collapse," he said. 

The potential of FBG device technology is large, and its application isn't simply restricted to rail observance, however to any field that necessitates constant, period of time observance and timely warning alerts to identity damages, the official added. 

Through this FBG-sensor-driven observance system, rail firms are going to be able to engraft or attach sensors in rail structures, facultative each on-demand and continuous information, similarly as 24/7 warning alerts just in case of injury detection. 

The technology also will be unambiguously tailor-made for every structure and site with no commonplace methodology for an equivalent. 

"Rail safety has continually been a key concern for America, and whereas trains are habitually inspected, structural harm is additional seemingly to travel unremarked throughout manual scrutiny. we tend to welcome the channeling of innovative solutions towards strengthening Silverline infrastructure and taking preventative action against potential rail casualties," aforesaid V Ajith Kumar, decision-maker, Kerala Rail. 

The large potential of FBG device technology has been abroach by IISc researchers in a very kind of domains, starting from region to medical specialty. 

Previously, Associate in Nursing L2MRail-innovated Fibre Bragg Grating Sensing Technology-based Wheel Impact Load Detector deployed in 2 locations in Bengaluru, with the support of RDSO/Indian Railways and IISc. 

L2MRail has conjointly developed many different IPs for innovative applications of FBG sensing technology to observe parameters important to make sure train safety. The startup aims to require the technology to any or all elements of the country, thereby remodeling the parameters of rail safety, the discharge additional. 

Lab to plug Innovations Pvt. Ltd is developing/innovating next-generation technologies to form Railways safe and economical. 

Lab to plug Innovations personal Ltd is seed funded by Society for Innovation and Development (SID) at IISc.