"Manoj's Agile Approach to an HR Consulting: Quality over Quantity"

The founder of Agile, Mr. Manoj as an HR professional has 20 years of experience in the IT, Healthcare, Med-tech and FMCG industry

"Manoj's Agile Approach to an HR Consulting: Quality over Quantity"

Agile, a leading HR consulting hub headquartered in Panchkula, has been gaining recognition for its exceptional services in meeting the talent development needs of organizations. Their diverse range of services includes soft skill training, leadership hiring, HR audits and compliance, outsourcing solutions, and HR policies and procedures. However, what truly distinguishes Agile from its competitors is its focus on quality over quantity and its commitment to providing employment opportunities. The company aims to hire 50 individuals in the first five years of operation and is confident in its ability to positively impact the lives of at least 500 people across various industry.

The founder of Agile, Mr. Manoj as an HR professional has 20 years of experience in the IT, Healthcare, Med tech and FMCG industry (in organizations such as AB InBev, Becton Dickinson, and Dr Reddy's) have considerable experience managing and delivering strategic HR projects to improve operational efficiencies through effective talent acquisition, rewards and remuneration policies, HR system and process design, and employee relations.

 Mr. Manoj, leads the team with a philosophy of going the extra mile to support those who are jobless. The team's alignment and dedication enable Agile to provide quality services to clients. Agile's success story is inspiring, with calculated risks and a financial back-up plan to run his family for at least two years, Mr. Manoj never looked back, which led to the birth of Agile.

 Agile also offers a unique program to train fresh graduates and postgraduates on recruiting skills. The purpose of this program is to create a pool of at least 100 trained professionals, making them self-sufficient and providing employment opportunities. Agile has already trained five professionals in the last quarter.

One of the unique services provided by Agile is helping clients implement the best HR practices in the industry. The company offers advisory services to clients, providing inputs on how to achieve a 100% success rate while implementing policies and procedures in the workplace. Recently, Agile added career transition and outplacement services and compliance solutions to the manufacturing industry in its catalogue and is in the process of setting up a separate vertical.

 In conclusion, Agile is dedicated to providing quality services to clients and creating employment opportunities for individuals. The company's innovative programs and commitment to excellence set it apart from other HR consulting firms. Agile's future looks promising with new offerings and innovations in the pipeline, and we look forward to seeing more from this exceptional organization.