MarkTech Solutions and Vehicle Detection Services by an Artificial intelligence based startup, Good Little Robots

Bhavik Doshi, Tushar Shah and Priyanka G Talvavdkar began Good Little Robots to work, they call it “innovation for great”. For vehicle detection and analytics, the Mumbai based startup has created in house technology. The startup tackles marketing and technology (MarTech) issues with “Merging Mechanical Solutions with Humanity”.

MarkTech Solutions and Vehicle Detection Services by an Artificial intelligence based startup, Good Little Robots

“We address the issues looked by CMOs on the best way to address the constantly changing marketing and technology matters.” Priyanka G Talvadkar, CEO, Analytics India Magazine said. 

The startup named itself Good Little Robots as they use technology for GOOD, their LITTLE stature enables them to be flexible and they solve human problems as ROBOTS. The size of their customers’ company or startup and budget never bothered them. They admire working with any small-big institution/ individual who is willing to make a difference. 

Vehicle Detection and Analytics

The exclusive innovation of Good Little Robots, VehiView utilizes pictures and recordings from CCTV feeds to operate data analysis. In light of AI and ML, VehiView identifies, checks and groups vehicles and doesn’t need any equipment.

The company guarantees the precision of around 95% for vehicle detection and analytics. The technology can be utilized in traffic studies, traffic management, metropolitan planning, railways and road safety. VehiView has applications in the media business to quantify campaign perceivability. Moreover, this technology will benefit the toll stations and also the software AVCC (Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium). 

VehiView arrives in a play and play form and can be effectively coordinated with existing frameworks. Bhavik said that the device could dissect the feed from cameras with fundamental pixel strength. 

VehiView likewise provides an AI-based programmed number plate acknowledgement, identification and reading services. It catches various sorts of number plates, which can later be utilized for traffic observing, electronic toll collection and robbery identification. It can be put in use to recognize compartment numbers to help logistic companies, carriers, delivering lines and port specialists with documentation and tracking. 

The ML framework is prepared to remove subtleties like date, request number, signatory and thing portrayal from buy or deal orders. “This saves a ton of time and takes out manual mediation or blunders,” Tushar shared. The arrangements can be tweaked. Great Little Robots utilizes a membership-based model.

Boost for CX

To help organizations to boost client maintenance and profits from the venture, Good Little Robots utilizes AI/ ML for its MarTech solution.

“We utilize a client-driven methodology in data management and augmentation- breaking silos, uniting data from sales to client assistance,” Bhavik shared.

Good Little Robots doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all methods. The brand incorporates various advancements and channels to assist organisations with adjusting their objectives. Bhavik further shared, “We join information across divisions and have an information privacy centre. Information needs to follow bi-directionally continuously. With heaps of data accessible, it is important to get the sign from the noise and use it to get transferable and noteworthy business experiences.” 

Presently, the core team comprises seven members, who are motive driven artists, engineers and new tech enthusiasts to resolve business challenges. 

The brand provides Sentiment Analysis, retail examination, data science for marketing, and UI/UX administrations, in its Tech Studio. It also provides an AI-based facial emotion recognition solution.

“Sentiment Analysis is an important aspect in aiding brands and organisations get client and representative opinions,” Co-founder, Tushar said. For retail analytics, it develops heatmaps for in-store insights.


Priyanka said that the team needed to widely prepare its ML model to build the accuracy levels. “We expected to test our solution on various occasions before we came into the market,” She further added.

Vehiview has a turnkey API prepared for launch. Going ahead, Good Little Robots intends to operate towards road security and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. “We try to advance and re-innovate the future to give the best to our customers and partners,” Bhavik said.