Rahul Shaw - The founder of tooker with a mission of "Don't cook anymore "

“Don’t cook the food anymore”. Affordable pricing with home like taste and love. All the meals are made with high quality groceries. The priority is health.

Rahul Shaw - The founder of tooker with a mission of "Don't cook anymore "


Rahul Shaw visualized the gap between current market and household for meals on daily basis. Ladies sacrifice their dreams to save money and spend their time in cooking and washing utensils in which food is made. This process kills lot and lot of time of a lady who may be a dreamer, an entrepreneur an ideologist, etc. To help these ladies who want to order outside food and save time to utilize it at better and at appropriate place, Rahul designed a start – up named Tooker.

The tagline says – “Don’t cook anymore” Home like food at your doorstep.

Family Background

Rahul belongs to a lower middle class family in Agarpara, Kolkata (WB). His father is a worker and his mother is a housewife. Born and brought up with financial crisis, Rahul was a good student and he completed his higher secondary education at Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission Vidyabhawan. He performed well and scored 20th rank in West Bengal Secondary Exam and made his school proud by scoring highest marks in school. He also secured 999th rank in West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam (WBJEE). He got a seat in Kalyani Government Engineering College to pursue Computer Science Engineering. It was during lockdown, he did not find online classes for engineering to be fruitful and dropped out from college. There his journey for start-up begin.

Motivating Element

He wanted to contribute towards the nation. He followed Ratan ji Tata and admired the way Ratan ji is devoted towards the nation. Since childhood, he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Idea behind the start-up

 The idea behind it is quite ambitious. One of the essential things in our life is the home meal. Cooking home food every day is not an easy task. In most households, women prepare food for lunch and dinner. Few of the households have home cooks. But, preparing the home meal and washing utensils in which the food is prepared is a very cumbersome and hectic task. If you appoint any maid or helper to do so, they will charge a lot to do this. So, most of the time, women sacrifice lot of their time and effort in order to finish these works. Thus, they can’t pursue their dream. Ordering restaurant food every day is not a pocket-friendly solution. So, there is a gap in the current market which Rahul and his team want to solve.

Dream turning into a reality

Rahul’s  venture is in its early stage. He planned for the start-up in November 2021 and in February 2022, his team had successfully completed their pilot. Promotion is on full swing to attract more and more customers.

As the tagline says – “Don’t cook the food anymore”. Their prices are very affordable and reasonable with home like taste and love. All the meals are made with high quality groceries in standard hygiene procedure. They do not make food very rich and spicy. Tooker’s  first priority is your health and all the meals are good for your digestive system.


Reaching to the right population is the major concern. Team’s main objective is to promote Tooker heavily in the regions they are serving.

Advice to Readers

“Always be yourself. Take small steps to your future because each step that you take will make a big difference after a long period. It is better than to do nothing. I always suggest following your dreams. Suffering and bad time will always come in life but you have to believe in yourself. At last, I want to say that “Miracles do not happen accidentally, they are created.” –Rahul Shaw