Tap Health: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in India with AI and Data 

Tap Health, founded by Rahul Maroli, is revolutionizing healthcare in India through AI and data-driven solutions. The company offers early illness detection and personalized health advice via a voice-first AI assistant. Co-founder Manit Kathuria enhances their user-centric products with his extensive digital product experience. Tap Health addresses the critical gaps in India's healthcare system, providing timely and accurate health services in regional languages. Despite regulatory and technological challenges, Tap Health fosters a culture of innovation and aims to solidify its leadership in digital health with continuous advancements.

Tap Health: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in India with AI and Data 


In the heart of India's bustling startup ecosystem, Tap Health is making significant strides in transforming the healthcare landscape. Founded by Rahul Maroli, the company leverages AI and data to provide early illness detection, health advice, and medical services. By bringing primary healthcare to homes, Tap Health ensures timely diagnosis and better health outcomes for everyone in India. 

Meet the Visionaries Behind Tap Health 

Rahul Maroli, the CEO of Tap Health, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in Mobility, Healthcare, EdTech, and Digital Entertainment. His career highlights include founding Elevate Now, India's first medical weight loss company, and playing a pivotal role in the growth of Ola and ZEE5. At Ola, Rahul spearheaded several strategic initiatives, including the establishment of Ola Fleet Technologies, Ola Corporate, and Ola Rental. His diverse background and relentless pursuit of innovation have been instrumental in shaping Tap Health's mission and vision. 

Joining him is Manit Kathuria, the Chief Product Officer (CPO), who brings over 15 years of experience in building digital products. Manit is a two-time entrepreneur, having successfully co-founded and exited startups in the e-commerce and analytics domains. His expertise in design and product development, honed through roles at Instawork, ZEE5, Magicbricks, FabHotels, and Snapdeal, is crucial in creating the user-centric solutions that define Tap Health. 

The Journey and Mission 

Tap Health was born out of Rahul's desire to address the critical gaps in India's healthcare system. Having observed the challenges people face in accessing timely and accurate healthcare, he envisioned a solution that leverages technology to bridge these gaps. Tap Health aims to make primary care more accessible and personal through a voice-first AI health assistant. This innovative tool empowers individuals with early illness detection, personalized health advice, and seamless access to essential medical services. 

Innovative Solutions for a Healthier India 

In a country where over 80% of illnesses are diagnosed late, Tap Health's services are a game-changer. The company's AI health assistant provides free, precise, and dependable preliminary advice in regional languages, using local vocabulary and cultural nuances. Whether users seek an initial opinion, a second perspective, or answers to general health queries, Tap Health delivers accurate guidance tailored to their needs. 

Overcoming Challenges 

Navigating the complex and highly regulated healthcare industry in India has been one of the significant obstacles for Tap Health. Ensuring compliance with evolving regulations while developing innovative solutions requires persistent effort. Building trust among users in a market where digital health solutions are still gaining acceptance also posed a challenge. Additionally, the technological hurdles of creating a highly accurate and personalized AI assistant that understands regional languages and cultural nuances have been substantial. 

A Culture of Innovation and Excellence 

At Tap Health, innovation and impact are at the core of everything. The company fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, encouraging employees to commit to excellence, bring innovative ideas, and focus on user needs. The multidisciplinary team, comprising top minds in data science, AI, product development, design, and medicine from leading institutions and companies, is dedicated to reducing delays in illness diagnosis and improving health outcomes. 

Looking Ahead 

 Tap Health is continuously evolving, with new offerings and innovations on the horizon. The company is poised to introduce advanced features in its AI health assistant, further enhancing its accuracy and user experience. By staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Tap Health aims to solidify its position as a leader in digital health. 


Rahul Maroli and Manit Kathuria's Tap Health is more than just a startup; it's a revolution in healthcare access in India. Through their innovative use of AI and data, they are making significant strides in ensuring timely and accurate healthcare for all. As Tap Health continues to grow and innovate, it stands as a testament to the power of technology in transforming lives and improving health outcomes. 

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