Traya raises seed-investment funded by Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital

Traya.Health which is a startup by Saloni Anand and Altaf Saiyed helps millennials to get access to the doctor and customized hair loss solutions.

Traya raises seed-investment funded by Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital

Traya.Health, formerly called Tatva Health is a Mumbai-based health tech startup announced that it has raised an undisclosed measure of seed-funded by Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital.

The round was also participated by Puneet Kumar from Steadview Capital and Suhail Sameer from Bharat.

This round of funds will be utilized by the startup for innovative work, growing the product range, point by point clinical trials, and making a firm, and comprehensive adherence program utilizing forefront innovation.

"It’s unfortunate how most people accept hair loss and balding as an inevitability. We want to make sure that people know that hair loss is manageable. Especially if treated promptly,” said Saloni.

Traya.Health is founded by Saloni Anand who is a techie-turned-market, and Altaf Saiyed who is a Standford Business School alumni. It has helped millennials to get access to doctor prescribed and customized hair loss solutions conveniently. This startup came up with the idea of combining three sciences which are Ayurveda, allopathy, and nutrition to enable them to create a complete treatment plan for hair loss problems. Its proposal for hair loss depends upon the stage, age, gender, or various other aspects.

They assert that it has seen 50% development month-on-month since March. The main focus of the company will remain on the hair loss problem this year and next year they are going to explore other lifestyle issues that millions wrestle with.

According to Anshu Prasher, General Partner at Whiteboard Capital, "As investors across various D2C and healthcare companies, we find Traya a very exciting company deep-rooted in medicine and at the same time, contemporary and consumer-centric in solving real and serious healthcare problems starting with a large category like hair fall”.

Gaurav Chaturvedi who is a Partner at Kae Capital felt that Traya's contribution of doctor-backed, customized items dependent on a combination of sciences alongside tech-empowered client care is the correct method to tackle the hair loss issue.