Vityala Yethindra - Youngest Scientist and multiple world record holder

Holding the badge of the average student in earlier childhood doesn’t define your calibre to achieve greater milestones in your life. Today’s story of Dr Vityala Yethindra a doctor by profession, Young scientist, Writer, Author, Activist, World record holder, International award winner and Speaker will prove this with his unexpected and passionate journey of making his life a specimen of following dreams and hard work.

Vityala Yethindra - Youngest Scientist and multiple world record holder

Initial life

Vityala Yethindra hails from a place known worldwide for its amazing Bronze castings- Telangana. The family background was pretty decent. Since his childhood, Vityala wasn’t a bright child in studies. Always being the one from the queue of average students as a kid he dreamt of becoming a cricketer when he will enter the youth phase of his life. But destiny has some other plans for him. Unfortunately, the circumstances didn’t favour him and he ended up opting medical stream for his further studies against his will to do so. Vityala completed his schooling with flying colours. He bagged 92% in his 12 board examinations. After completing his school education the young boy took the gap of one year before pursuing any further studies. He decided to move to another country to explore the unfolding and untouched potential inside him. In the zeal of exploring the real Vityala without any constraints, he shifted to Kyrgyzstan. Completed his studies at the International school of medicine, International University of Kyrgyzstan.  

The idea behind making world records

Moving to a new country is an adventure in itself. The fact is very well known that when you migrate to a new country, you will be smashed with new situations and problems every day that may seem intimidating and scary at first, but are always the best ways to grow as an individual. Vityala also faced these issues when he was living abroad. He even had some of the worst experiences in university and with people during his stay in Kyrgyzstan.

 Even after all this he didn’t panic and was determined to isolate himself from the toxicity breathing around him and started pondering to channelize his energy into something hardworking and fruitful. Here he took the first step heading the path of writing history with his enthusiasm and hard work. With a thrust to do something never done before, the idea of making the world record popped up in his mind, he decided to complete 51 courses in 9 days only! 

In November 2019 starting from 10-19 of November the enthusiast soul completed 100 courses in 10 days. In this duration of time, he left no stone unturned. The cluster of courses included online, offline and university courses from Harvard University, University of Turkey are few of them. Considering the different fields of study and interest, the training programs based on technical skills, Personal enrichment, core qualifications also made their place in the list of courses pursued in a short period.  


“Challenging oneself is the only path which leads to growth”. Vityala firmly believed that overcoming challenges and aiming a target and then accomplishing it is the best possible manner to get transformed into the best version of yourself. When he was in his teens he had the desire of holding a world record in his name. 

When he decided to complete around 50-100 courses, he couldn’t attend his college classes as he was totally into the voyage of turning his dream into reality. Therefore, he used the credit points of his courses to sail through the academics and get the marks at that time. Even though he had obstacles to stop him, he managed everything to achieve his goal. 



  • World Records

Success is not an activity, but a process. The process requires patience, hard work blended with perseverance and passion. Dr VItyala Vityala Yethindra has bagged soo many awards and recognitions till now and yet there are more to go. The multi-talented personality holds the ‘Longest title of a book: Guinness World Records, 2020. 

Youngest scientist in the world: High Range of World Records, Assam Books of Records, World Record Certification Agency(WRCA), Victorious World Record, Credence Book of World Record and Assist World Records, 2019. He didn’t stop here, proudly he also bagged recognitions like Youngest person to write a trilingual book: WRCA, 2019, Most Medical Related Certificates Received in 9 days: WRCA, 2019 World rank 97th: Wm-sat, 2018. Dr Vityala also became the first person in the world to complete 20 medical courses at 10 universities in 9 days: WRCA, 2019. 

No doubt to say, he is a gem for our country who made us proud not only once but many times. 

  • Quality Standards and Research Experience

 Dr Vityala has Been the  Principal Investigator of studies such as Sleep quality among Indian undergraduate medical students in Asian countries: a web-based cross-sectional survey (International Higher School of Medicine, 2020); Decreased mortality among hospitalized coronavirus disease 2019 patients who underwent anticoagulant therapy with heparin. 

The determined soul also served as a STABLE research methodology instructor and medical writer for three years; took a quality improvement role.

 Being an Active Editor in Eurasian Medical Journal, Reviewer in Clinical case reports (Wiley) and Biomedicine (India) Journals. 

  • Publications and Books

Writing a book always inspires you in every way. It is a great experience to challenge oneself to show creativity and express the imagination and deep knowledge in front of the world for the well being of others. 

 Dr Vityala has showered us with his two capitative and deep enriching creations. Authored two books namely “Essentials of Hematology: Inside Hematology” and “The Historical Development of the Heart i.e., from its Formation from:” have received Guinness World Record as the longest title of a book. 

- Awards and Honours

 Awards are the token of appreciation to the recipient as a symbol of distinction and excellence in a certain field. Dr Vityala has captured various awards in the past couple of years. He has bagged the following awards:-

  • Karmaveer Chakra Award iCONGO and United Nations, 2021 REX Karmaveer 
  • Global Youth Fellowship iCONGO and United Nations, 2021 
  • Champion of the Champions Medengage Scholarship Summit - Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, 2021
  •  Honorary doctorate (Doctor of Science) Global Peace University, 2020 
  • Ambassador of Peace Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Forum (UN DESA), 2020 
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Award Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Forum (UN DESA), 2020 
  • Telangana Rashtra Sarwabhowma Award (Young scientist) AJ Aventures and Telangana State Tourism, 2020 
  • International Distinguished Young Researcher Green Thinkers, 2020

Apart from all this he has a keen interest in extra curriculum activities like cricket and footfall, exploring new places, enriching his current knowledge of languages by learning new languages and always taking up the challenges as opportunities of life.

He is proficient in English, Hindi, Telugu, Russian, Spanish; reading knowledge of Kyrgyz and German. 

Advice for readers

Never give up and never quit! Dr Vityala emphasised a lot on keep trying and being consistent. Remember! It’s always the darkest before dawn. One should keep trying and always welcome the odds of life as a new opportunity to learn and conquer them. In addition to all this, self-motivation has a very crucial role to play throughout the journey. It is the ability to drive oneself to take initiative to achieve the goals of life. Self-motivation is a kind of inner driven force that makes you work and perform better day by day. After sharing these learnings from his puexperience, Dr Vityala signs off.