Build your own destiny: Journey of Kutbuddin from being an Intern to an Entrepreneur.

From Started Working as an Intern in a global agency to explore a destination as a Digital Entrepreneur- 'Keygital' is all set to achieve greater heights.

Build your own destiny: Journey of Kutbuddin from being an Intern to an Entrepreneur.

In 2020, Kutbuddin Saleh launched his digital marketing agency, namely, "Keygital Marketing". He had a vision to assist startups and businesses with their marketing objectives.

Initial Hustle

Before stepping into the entrepreneur world, Kutbuddin had to undergo many hardships in his life. He was initially indecisive when it came to pursuing a course or a field that he would opt for as a future settlement career. His mind was always swarming with innovative ideas. Sometimes he would try conveying his thoughts to his friends and families, but no good outcome was witnessed. In a matter of time, he commenced teaching a small batch of learners. However, his monthly income was not more than 2000 rupees a month. Later he considered joining a BPO but the working aura did not suit him. He soon encountered an opportunity at  WFH placement in a Mumbai based AI company as a chat assistant. For a year, everything went steadily. Until one day, when the company decided to switch to an Artificial intelligence Bot Assistant. Human resource optimum was no longer desired by the company

Everything seemed to have fallen.  Kutbuddin was back to square one.  Indeterminate, inconclusive and confused. However, it was his unwavering determination that kept him going. He started exploring job portals.  Soon he found a job post in the Concentrix as Voice Process Jio. After successfully qualifying in the interview he was all set to start his one-month training. The timing ranged from 5 pm to 2 am. Due to unsuitable timings and an endless number of phone calls, his family was not too supportive of this particular job role. Kutbuddin shared their dissatisfaction and resigned from the post.

Kutbuddin found himself again in the same predicament. This time he decided to invest more time in the research part. Consequently, he read different articles so that he could choose a role that suited his zeal for work and his creative mindset. He even exchanged words with a few entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

In this expedition to hunt for the real him, he came to know about Digital Marketing and its growing graph even amidst the Pandemic. Someone has rightly said, "Never be discouraged. It is often the last key in the bunch that unlocks the door." Finally, Kutbuddin found the key that opened up the road heading towards his success. He then inaugurated his voyage as an Entrepreneur.He was pretty amazed as he started delving more into the field. The scope, the job opportunities and the freelancing career it offered was remarkable. He made up his mind to upgrade himself in the digital marketing domain. He applied for a course and soon after, he applied for an internship in a DM Agency. 

In the blink of an eye, Kutbuddin levelled up from an intern to a full-fledged Digital Marketing Executive. He handled around 45 domestic clients, while supervising a team of 10 employees.

Origin of the Idea and Execution:

At this juncture, he was confident that he could start as a freelance digital marketer. He started taking up projects. The first project was worth ₹5,000. He worked for 18 hours a day. Maintaining an exceptional balance in his personal and professional life. While working in a global agency and dealing with approximately 45 clients on a daily basis, Kutbuddin eventually acquired an intense knowledge and the art of digital marketing. This aroused a question in his mind, "Why should I not start an Agency?". Alongside he had a thought of assisting the startups and business in accomplishing their marketing and sales goals through his digital marketing mastery.

"During the Pandemic when everyone was losing their jobs and sources of income, I was getting more and more clients in my freelancing space.", Says Kutbuddin. This gave him another strong reason to appreciate the Digital Marketing domain. As, in this period that has rendered offline mode shut, people are left with no option but to switch to online mode.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kutbuddin analysed it as the best time to launch his agency. After seeking 2.5 years of experience in this field,  he finally launched 'Keygital Marketing' with a vision to offer a platform to businesses and startups to fulfil their marketing and sales objective and get an opportunity to work with top brands globally.

Facing all challenges and handling the odds.

Being the CEO of the promising agency, he faced countless challenges regarding the onboarding of the highly motivated and hardworking team who shared his vision. If not that then at least a team having similar grounds for thoughts.  It was an important factor, as it is the team's efficiency and skills that determine the pace of growth of an organisation.

Another obstacle was to build a strong network that ensured the growth of his company. Winning the client's confidence posed to be a major task. As the services would ultimately be extended to them. Fortunately,  Kutbuddin's experience and strong network sailed him smoothly through this.  He added value to the goodwill of the agency.

Companions that supported and kept him going:

"When we hit a rough patch in our life, it feels like giving up at the moment". When this phrase found its place in his life, Kutbuddin developed his interest and curiosity in learning, exploring, and unfolding every single thing that covered digital marketing. Also, his dedication and consistency kept him going. His determination helped him to achieve better in his life. Being an early adapter and good at learning skills constituted to be exceptional traits of Kutbuddin.

Present Scenario and Future Ahead:

Keygital claims to have served around 15 clients. By the end of the year, they have planned to scale up to more than 100 clients. As a part of their future endeavours, the startup is looking towards having some good experience with global brands, optimizing their services and diversifying them. They also promote the mental health of the employees along with enhancing their productivity. Keygital proudly promotes itself as India's #1 remote-friendly Digital Marketing agency.

Suggestions for the lovely readers

"It is important to do what you are best at. Also to always listen to your heart".Kutbuddin got an easy option of leading his dad's business. He, however, chose to follow his instincts and successfully set up 'Keygital Marketing'. He had confidence in himself. He believed he could do wonders. 

His agency is a result of his dad's support and affirmation to kickstart his own business rather than doing any 9 to 5 job.

Kutbuddin adds his dad's quote, "Vepaar Ka Koi Paar Nai Hai", meaning, there is no limit in a Business. Unlike a job having the assurance of your tomorrow, and is bound under certain limits. On the contrary, in a business, you either make lakhs in a day or no money at all. Nothing in between. The outcome depends on your hard work and perseverance.