Kidzpreneur assists students learn indispensable life skills in early days

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”- Dianne Ackerman This Delhi based startup is following and operating on the above-mentioned adage. The startup understands the scientific fact that simulations and gamifications leave a longer imprint of learning in a human mind.

Kidzpreneur assists students learn indispensable life skills in early days

The startup believes in hands-on learning and to develop that environment, it applies simulation or real-time scenarios coupled with gamification of critical management lessons for effective learning. Hence, there is no requirement of any old-style curriculum-based learning.

The various sets of activities are transformative, practical training that supports alternate learning processes by grooming kids with the thought process of ‘employment givers’ or overcoming any challenge with a structured and design thinking approach. 

The Initial Trigger 

Shishir Milgani is a tech evangelist and the CEO of Kurativz Technologies. At a school, he was applying his startup coaching skills to train unprivileged kids on problem-solving and life skills. 

Surprisingly, many students explored and found out brand new and creative ideas. Moreover, some of them were clear about the execution of the idea. 

At that moment, Shishir Milgani realised and ideated a platform called Kidzpreneur for children where they will be taught and put to practice life skills that are essential to excel in life. 

This platform offers kids a path to develop problem-solving, creativity, communication/storytelling, money management and design thinking, among other skills. So that they understand and start imitating conversations regarding their career goals. In this way, they start exploring life at every step. 

The  Budding Days

Initially, the startup was operating under Shishir’s technology company Kurativz Technologies which is a mobile app development company. It was officially launched in Delhi-NCR after the completion of its minimum viable product (MVP) in 2021.

The start-up doesn’t only help in developing life skills, it also supports children through initial funding and mentorship under a  Noida-based accelerator programme. 

Shishir collaborated with Amit Mishra and Monika Miglani in order to engage with students. They aimed to fill the gap between regular education by real-life skills which are required to conquer various hurdles of life.

For many years, Amit Mishra being a teacher have been imparting entrepreneurial knowledge all over India, especially in smaller towns. Monika Miglani is a community builder and mentor. She has valuable experience in the startup ecosystem. 

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to make changes in the courses and their strategies. Amid lockdown, it had to shift to an online platform.

The Operations

It complements the education system and spreads words of the importance of life skills in society. The founders decided to merge their experience and created an accelerator programme headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. They supported selected student ideas under this programme and turned them into tangible businesses. The programme is presently mentoring students in 6 countries. 

With the collaborative efforts, knowledge and experience of the founder and other experienced professionals, Kidzpreneur has released a series of creative interventions. The programmes help students to learn various concepts in a manner that they can imply it actually in real life. 

Kidzpreneur is open for all school and individual students to engage, share their ideas and avail the resources to continuously polish their learnings. 

The founder said in an interview, “We have joined hands with a famous technology ideation platform, which has students from over 20 countries, to offer them to students in India even."

It operates both B2B and B2C  business models. In the B2B model, they offer their services to schools and government agencies. In the B2C model, they provide smaller programmes for kids funded directly by the parents.

The startup is working with 35 schools. It also organises live sessions on its Facebook channel to talk about engaging education information. Till now over 200 professionals from 12 countries have been part of these sessions. 

“The customer base of the startup includes the state governments of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand along with various individual schools. We also undertake CSR supported programmes, where we organise both digital and non-digital platforms for imparting knowledge. The cost of this earning is as low as Rs 299 a month.” Shishir said.

Future Goals

RedSeer predicted the online K-12 education space will rise by 6.3 percent, yielding a $1.7 billion market by 2022. As per Statista, the e-learning market worldwide was pegged at $101 billion in 2019. Until 2026, the market could rise exponentially to touch over $370 billion. 

Now the schools are more focused on escalating extracurricular activities in India through platforms like Sequoia India Capital-backed kyt, IIT alum-founded kidEx, and Matrix India Partners-backed Crejo.Fun. 

In future, the company aims to introduce a higher level of tech which will permit schools and parents to track the strength of students and craft a custom learning solution for the students. It is predicted to reach over 5 million students in the coming 5 years with its current and future plans