Meet Ankit Gupta, the founder of Himalayan Tea Comapany

India has since long been a nation of tea drinkers and it is reflected in the rise of tea startups. While tea has always been a household drink, it was mostly restricted to the street vendors with few outlets serving quality tea. India’s total tea production for the FY18 grew to 1325.05 million kgs up from the previous year’s 1250.49 million kgs, according to the Tea Board of India. India’s tea production has been on the rise, capturing the growing demand for tea across the country.

Meet Ankit Gupta, the founder of Himalayan Tea Comapany

Looking at the growth in the tea segment, many Indian startups are leveraging the opportunity. People nowadays are more health-conscious and tea has many specialties. The Himalayan Tea is offering various types of Tea that help in reducing stress and provides relaxation to the individual.

Ankit Gupta, the core founder is an Indian resident. Being a young and successful entrepreneur, he is gifted with a revolutionary vision. He is passionate about his products and finds creative ways to solve day-to-day problems. His diligence and hard work have proved to be an asset for all his past projects. 

He feels that there is a wide gap in the luxurious tea business in India. He aims to provide the finest teas to everyone and better their quality of living. Embracing the taste of the teas was an awe-inspiring experience for his families and friends, who made them believe in the brand. 

Upradagtion of people's quality of life could be done by changing the tea culture in India. They provide organic and healthy tea leaves, handpicked especially for the customers. They have been successfully celebrating the real taste of India in an innovative and modern manner. Their goal is to spread the goodness of our very own tea flavors to the whole world. 

Tea is specially made by varying moods, with 16 exquisite varieties found nowhere else. Finest and most luxurious teas, organic, free shipping, opportunity for consumers to earn. They believe in generosity and forbid earning mindlessly, as 2% of the profit company makes gets donated for a good cause. Another amazing aspect of the company is that there was no need to raise funds when it started in 2020. The whole investment has been financed by the company itself. It was a bootstrap startup, as Ankit worked hard by building it with nothing but his savings.  

Ankit is making luxury a lifestyle for everyone by making the products of Himalayan Tea Company affordable and easily available. The Himalayan Tea Company also brands Happy Buddha Tea which is famous worldwide. Having the finest tea at affordable prices is a dream for everyone. Himalayan Tea Company is making this dream of quality with affordability come true. The company isn’t just about luxury, it is low-key revolutionizing the tea culture in India. 

Spreading the goodness of the Himalayas in the comfort of your home is their motto. The product is blended and passionately handcrafted in small batches and then disposed of all over India and overseas. The Himalayan Tea Company celebrates the great past and ethnicity. Both then and now, tea connects people and cultures. We want to make tea drinking fun while empowering the people behind it. 

The Himalayan Tea Company has 3 main ideas: 

CHANGE – They believe that ethically traded tea is a powerful force for change. The mission is to harness that power to bring forth the highest quality, specialty coffee sourced straight from the farmers who grow it.

EQUALITY – They partner directly with ethnic minority tea farmers in the mountainous growing regions of Southeast Asia. These relationships represent a new paradigm in global tea trading, one where farmers are placed at the top of the supply chain, ensuring they are valued and EVERYONE from farmer to customer benefits.

SUSTAINABILITY & QUALITY – Not only does the tea in customer’s hands directly improve livelihoods but also encourages sustainable and organic agriculture. It is rated among the world’s most exceptional teas.

The Himalayan Tea Co. takes pride in shaping an aesthetic image. They are underpinning all the brand’s products and constantly updating the notion of Himalayan Tea. The company works while respecting the product and its Asian-European traditions of elegance. Preserving the beauty on which it is based, is now spiced with a touch of sensuality and originality by them. The brand offers the perfect opportunity for tea lovers and travelers to find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

The company constantly stays in touch with farmers who help them produce tea. These farmers help to produce many splendid blends to provide their customers a personalized experience. Every portion is ethically sourced and is claimed to be 100% biodegradable. The company even provides necessary offers like deals of days, easy return policies, and free shipping (no price bar).

Their story isn’t unknown anymore, as they have already been featured in top platforms like Fox, CBS, NBC, VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, Haute Living, and Life & Style. The team has big plans for the near future where they soon aim to take their company Global. It would help in providing this wonderful experience to everyone. Globalizing would be done by expanding their product lines and building a solid team.

The headquarter is located in Kolkata, India with an overseas presence in NYC, USA, and Singapore.

HQ Address: 7, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata - 700001, WB.

Contact - +91 8981618466