This couple executes zero-waste events to make happy moments sustainable

A wedding is one of the happiest moments for both bride and groom. The event brings family and friends together with lots of fun and blessings. In all this bushy charm, somewhere we neglect the waste that is being generated unintentionally.

This couple executes zero-waste events to make happy moments sustainable

Have you ever realised how your big day leaves an impact on the environment? 

Everything that falls under the non-biodegradable category takes thousands of years to break down naturally but just one day to produce that waste.

Surprisingly, one wedding alone can produce up to 20kgs of plastic waste. It’s not just plastic, food wastage also can’t be ignored. 

The consequence is worse especially for the environment, but how can we combat it?

“ZERO WASTE WEDDINGS” is the new player in the market, following the sustainable approach and making your event more special and environment friendly simultaneously. 

This is the story of two souls who are concerned about plastic waste and the environment. Ashwin and Nupur commenced their own startup, “Greenmyna”  where they eco-friendly organise our special days more memorable. 

The story of the couple is not less than a Bollywood movie. The couple first met on a cleanup drive, and with more such drives both became friends. Later on, both decided to get married. As both have special corners now, as both have a special corner for an eco-friendly approach, the couple decided to have an eco-friendly wedding execution. For this, they contacted many Green Events planners, the main issue was, it was too costlier for them to afford. The creative duo came up with an idea to manage their eco-friendly zero-waste wedding on their own.

Firstly, they booked a caterer and conveyed to them how they want zero waste to be produced. The leftover food over the plates was used to make vermicompost and fresh food distributed among the needy ones. 

Decoration catches the eyes of the guests at every wedding. Unfortunately, decoration generates most of the waste. The eco-conscious couple made the decision to use only those stuff that can be either upcycled or recycled later on.

After all the struggling and planning, the couple successfully executed their zero-waste wedding.

The concept was welcomed and appreciated by lots of people. After Ashwin and Nupur’s wedding, they started getting more calls regarding how they managed all this. 

This has kick-started their new journey. The couple started giving free advice to people about green events.

Gradually, they started getting the whole event to manage, which made them realise the need for green event managers in the market is the need of the hour. Then finally they launched their own company for zero waste management events. The name has logic behind it, Myna is an Indian bird and people believe that if we saw two mynas together it’s a stroke of good luck. Thinking on similar lines, a wedding has two persons who are going to get married and start their new life with lots of blessings and love.

Greenmyna has conducted two weddings and a few more green events. Although they are at a very initial stage, their initiative is worth appreciating. Right now, they work in two ways, first is consultation in which they give ideas for organising green events and the second is where they conduct the whole event.

The initiative is getting attention and appreciation, also from our side, we should try to minimise the plastic waste generation in day-to-day life.