This is the story of Vinesh Chandrakanta - an inspiring Entrepreneur and a live example of "Hard Work pays off with Time".

The first chapter of his success story started back in 2018 when Vinesh used to practice Combat sports at Evolution MMA Academy Bandra, Mumbai. Unaware of the fact that from here, he would embark on the journey to achieve greater heights. In December 2018, one day his Coach asked for CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. That day a spark ignited in Vinesh and his entrepreneurial journey started.

This is the story of Vinesh Chandrakanta - an inspiring Entrepreneur and a live example of "Hard Work pays off with Time".

Cannabidiol oil is a product derived from Cannabis. These are natural chemicals found in Marijuana plants.CBD is in its infancy phase now. In the long term, this product is really helpful to mankind. Potential research shows CBD may help to manage anxiety, as researchers are in their early days, regular testing of CBD and its unfolding benefits is in progress .one research conducted by the National Institutes of Health is also looking at the role of Cannabis in relieving symptoms caused by chronic pain, arthritis and muscle pain.

In 2019, Vinesh launched his e-Commerce website "SOMA FLORA" under the company's CBD store. With enthusiasm and power of achieving his goals, he stepped into the real world full of learnings and experiences.

The road to starting up wasn't smooth sailing for Vinesh. SOMA FLORA has grown by leaps and bounds over the past years thanks in no small part to Vinesh and the team.  As a result of their consistency, optimistic attitude and all efforts No doubt Today, SOMA FLORA is the highest-selling Medical Cannabis in South Asia. 

Success isn't serving on the plate, When they launched their Venture, everything seemed new to them. Being from non - business background challenges came as life lessons to Vinesh. Right from Shipping to getting products from outside the country, delays and carriages and charges, financial hurdles were a tough call to them.

In the 21st  Era, Vinesh released how important the Digital Marketing domain is for their brand. Being always ready to upskill and have a flexible attitude towards every stone that came in their path they gained knowledge about SEO and terms.

Leaving the comfort zone and giving the fullest is the quality we all should learn from him.

Adopting trial and error,  new ways made their brand sustainable. Finally, they settled their roots in this field. Now, their website has a team of professional and expert consultants. Different range of CBD products at affordable prices, logs and articles for interested readers with 1500 + positive reviews. This is enough to showcase the credibility and trust of the brand.

The philosophy they believe, when they look at their website is, breaking the old and ongoingly of medical websites coloured in black, white and grey. SOMA FLORA emphasises more on Quality of life. The website is user friendly and appealing to visitors.

Vinesh has strong beliefs in Ancient times psychotherapy and its practices. Living a quality life, taking good sleep, and diet are our ideologies related to health care at that time.  We face challenges using it in different ways 

When we look in ancient times chroma and many substances were used to develop a spiritual awakening and psychological clarity.

Vinesh quotes in his statement 

"As we step into the journey of medical cannabis it is meant to complement an ongoing healthy Lifestyle which focuses on exercise, nutrition, diet and clarity of mind ."

He adds in the statement  I want readers to have an understanding of CBD as a substance that has a relation with the pursuit of mind and spiritual liberation. It is a way to look into min  spirit and explore them 

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