When your passion turns into your profession!

Lucky and blessed are the few who follow their passions and convert it into their profession. Boredom never seeps in.. there is always a sense of happiness and satisfaction.. but it’s a challenging path to embark on as the tunnel is dark and we mostly are unsure if there is light at the end of that tunnel... so are you ready to dig deep and walk that path!

When your passion turns into your profession!

In a conversation with Startup Times, Twisha Mehta discussed her journey as a product designer, the future of design, the influence of technology on design, and more.

Design is a science by itself, not just art. I would say it’s really a delicate balance between the process and creativity. It’s not something that everyone can do. Twisha always had a passion for design and art. Going to museums and design exhibitions made her interest in design increase exponentially. She started her design education at Raffles Design International at a very young age, which turned out to be a bonus for her. At Raffles, she came across the world of product design and led her to know about it more through her further education at Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University. These were her baby steps towards her entrepreneurial journey, which she took very carefully and tactfully.

A Product Designer, at its core, is a problem solver

Twisha always wanted to do something which will have a meaningful and long-term effect on society and consumers. At a very young age, she started her Product Design journey which slowly turned into a full-time business. She has recently started her Instagram business handle: @Kapphee_designdrama, where she showcases her design process and loves to solve problems, learn new things from the solutions and enjoy the overall experience. She believes that there is beauty in simplicity which comes through the solutions and the process.

Challenging briefs inspire her to do something different. The design should indeed not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful and follow practicality through the design. With so much unique talent out there, she thinks to be recognized; you need to be different with your magic and style. Out of many diverged roads in a wood, she took the less travelled one, which made all the difference. And as Albert Einstein said, “The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” 

Garish Colours

It would definitely be her passion for Product Design that enables her to create ‘change maker’ products. Twisha truly enjoys exploring and experimenting with minimalism, style and colour. Colour is among the other few things that have kept her going. @Kapphee_designdrama is all about colours. Either through her sketches or the final product, she aims to create some colour in life through her products. Ultimately, she is very grateful to have a job she is most passionate about and gets to do it every day.

“As Theodore Roosevelt says “Believe you can, and you are halfway there”. My advice would be not to be afraid and go for it. Do not be afraid or pressured to be standing out from others. In such times with pandemic, everything is changing and I’d say go with the flow of your passion and make a difference. I always believe in “If you want something, you have to work smart and work hard for it, and that’s life,” added Twisha.