Know the secret recipe of Ahmedabadi startup, "Engineer Ni Cha."

The person you are going to read about is a live example of the famous quote by Gautam Budhha- "If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down." Despite all the criticism from people, he didn't leave his passion for tea and today, his tea stall is becoming the love of every chai lover. Ronak Raj, an engineer from Ahmedabad turns into a 'chaiwala.' You must be thinking; why, how? Let's hear from Ronak itself.

Know the secret recipe of Ahmedabadi startup, "Engineer Ni Cha."

Ronak is an Ahmedabadi and the founder of "Engineer Ni Cha." For him, Chai (Tea) is love. "The secret recipe to my tea is love," Ronak says.

His tea stall is not ambient or fancy at all, but the love he gives to his customer is something, because of which every customer leaves with a big smile on their face. But it all was not easy at the beginning, Ronak had to go through a lot of challenges and criticism.

Ronak's 'never giving up' attitude saved him here and he did wonders.  

The first step.

Ronak is an electrical engineer. After graduation, he failed to get the placements and came home. His father owned a small tea shop where he started helping his father. This is how Ronak's love for tea climbed its first step.

"My father always tells me to put as much love as one can, in the tea, that is what makes a tea different," Ronak admits.

Telling his father, his inspiration, Ronak admits that his father plays a big role in what he is today.

Ronak worked in his father's shop for a while.

But after the novel coronavirus emerged, we all know, everything changed; business, startups, jobs. People had to go through several challenges.

The story of Ronak is no different.

He also faced the same challenges due to the same reason as many did. But his spirit to tackle the challenges was unique.

Despite sitting around and getting demotivated for the situation, the lockdown had created for livelihood, Ronak came up with this idea to transform his tea-making skills into his livelihood.

He gathered all the pieces of information and later, decided to finally start his business.

He asked his cousins for help and soon the trio launched "Engineer Ni Cha" on the road leading from Shaibaught to Subhash Bridge. He has named his stall engineer in cha (engineer’s tea) in the name of the journey, on what he studied and what he is doing now.

Why the tea stall

Ronak graduated as an engineer in 2015.

Currently, he lives with his parents and his younger sister. His father also runs a tea shop. Before Ronak started his tea business, he had a job that paid him a mere of Rs7000 per month.

He knew that this amount was not enough to run his family. He then decided to do something of his own and began a tea stall. 

Currently, they are doing great. People from all across India come to them to taste their tea.


On asking Ronak, what challenges he had to go through, he says, "being an engineer, people always used to say that why was I into tea selling or why did I spend on engineering when I had to sell tea but I didn't listen to anyone and focussed on my passion, my love for chai(tea). Today, the same people appreciate me."

Also, he said that he is not alone in this business as his cousin brother and sister work with him too. "This brings extra responsibilities on my shoulders to take care of them and make sure they are not demotivated. If this business fails then it wouldn't be just me but they will have to go through it all too." Ronak confirms.

Apart from all this, another challenge they tackle every day is, carrying the entire stall setup with them to Subhash Bridge, early in the morning then taking it again back with them on a two-wheeler.

Even after all these, their spirit never dies.

He says with a big smile on his face that his goal is to serve the love of "Engineer Ni Cha" to each and every person of India. 

Ronak believes that every honest work is worth appreciating. There is no point sitting at home waiting to get a job and it is better to start something on your own even if it is small and not what everyone would term as a fancy business proposal.