From a school dropout to transforming thousands of lives, Pramod Soni's story of overcoming adversity is packed with what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.

This is the story of a person who started his journey from scratch and now is the Founder-Inspiring Indian, a Transformation Coach and Author of Bestselling book - How to Retire at 30, this inspiring story of Pramod Soni will definitely inspire you to follow your passion.

From a school dropout to transforming thousands of lives, Pramod Soni's story of overcoming adversity is packed with what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.

Initial life 

Pramod Soni comes from a poor family and was a school dropout in 2003, due to financial constraints he couldn’t continue his studies. The circumstances made him step ahead as a worker to support his family, at the tender age of 13, he commenced working. 

He tried his hands in different fields, learnt and tried jewellery designing till 2008 then he resumed his studies in 2008 (after 5 years of gap) while working. He spent his early days inheriting experience at call centres, and real estate etc. and helped many people by providing financial assistance and free tuition to underprivileged students.


The adolescent period of Promod’s life was a difficult period of time where he transformed from a carefree child to a responsible and mature one taking the responsibilities as an adult. That is the rip sweet result he obtained, after all, his teenage phase helped him to grow into a mature, productive, responsible member of society. There was no one to guide or support him, he felt that he was not the only one experiencing these challenges, there were many souls like him going through the same trauma. He decided to help people like him as per his capacity. 


Pramod’s family was not in the condition to bear his education expenses, he worked really hard to pool money for his education fees. Apart from financial support he had no one to guide him correctly. He realised that he was lacking behind in many fields, there are many people like him who have no one to guide them, he realised the importance of a mentor in everyone’s life. The motivation comes from his inner self to work really hard to bring a positive change in the lives of many and be a helping hand for them. 

Being A helping hand

In 2012 he commenced his own business, after investing so many years of his life in working. Simultaneously he continued his studies

Pramod was always inclined towards helping people. Although it wasn’t easy for him to provide financial assistance, he used to pay the fees of students studying in schools or colleges, lodging expenses of people coming from other states who can’t afford the living cost in Mumbai. Gradually, he realised that he couldn’t take this further on a large scale. But he wanted to be a helping hand for many and upscale this idea at a bigger level. 

In order to get the required skills and exposure he left his business and worked with Startups and MNCs.  Simultaneously he volunteered with 10+ NGOs like Smile Foundation, Rashtriya Life Saving Society, Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development, Navjyoti India Foundation (an NGO started by Dr. Kiran Bedi) etc… and as per his years of research and experience he discovered that in order to improve and transform the lives of underprivileged we have to work on their mindset first.

Then he developed an idea that he is currently part of and contributing wholeheartedly in the coaching and mentoring sector. He is teaching soft skills and mindset related programs with which he has acquired through National and international professionals experts.

Ray of hope

When the pandemic hit all of us and lockdown was imposed across the nation. Many people were approaching him for help. During the lockdown, he executed many programs and sessions on mental health and well being.  It is well known that pandemic has posed a threat to mental health, many people belonging to different age groups have gone through this. In simple psychological terms, anxiety, depression, feeling of fear are found more now as compared to the pre-Covid period. 

In April 2020 he launched a campaign to help to those in need and was determined to devote all his means and hard work for the success of this initiative which has helped thousands of people across India in terms of mental health and food distribution initiatives across India and now he has a vision to transform 10 millions lives in next 10 years.


Pramod Soni has been awarded Doctor of Humanity (Honoris causa) for his immense contribution for over a decade towards mankind and welfare activities by positively impacting thousands of lives.

Pramod Soni is the author of the Bestselling Book- How to Retire at 30, which has been proudly ranked #1 in 4 categories on Amazon.

Advice for the lovely readers

There will be many challenges but nothing is permanent in this world. As he also faced many obstacles but if you are dedicated you will come out of it even more strong and determined

Pramod gives the advice to the readers, Follow your passion, work really hard and you’ll succeed for sure.

As a part of his future endeavours, Pramod is on a mission to transform 10 million lives in the upcoming 10 years by helping people, especially youth to live a successful and meaningful life through his coaching and mentoring programs.